A Brief Introduction

Michael G. Morris CDWIE, CRT, LCAS

Side By Side Counseling

Michael G. Morris is a mental health professional with over 30 years of experience. He holds two degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His other educational experiences include graduate work as a scholarship recipient from Colgate Rochester Divinity School and graduate studies at the John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California, thus allowing him to acquire the credentials necessary to become a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and ultimately a Master’s Level Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist.

The ministerial and pastoral approaches to counseling at Colgate versus the clinical approaches from John F. Kennedy University may seem like vastly different perspectives to a clinician, but Mr. Morris does not see it that way. His experiences at both institutions have made him a more holistic therapist with the ability to communicate to a much broader spectrum of the population. He does not see the vast differences in psychology, theology, and philosophy. He tends to see more similarities than differences. It is his belief that each discipline has much to offer in helping and healing people. This open-minded approach allows for more pieces of the puzzle to come together for the success of his clients. While he doesn’t profess to have all the answers, his deep yet compassionate insight facilitates a strong therapeutic relationship. The symbiosis of the clients’ experience, insight, and intuition, combined with his own leads to a more lasting and healthier change.

The name of his practice, Side By Side Counseling, symbolizes his work with clients using their own knowledge and skills combined with his own. His clients feel as if they truly have a therapist who has their best interest at heart. This team approach leads to long-lasting and healthier change. It is only in this way that one can build the trust, dignity, and integrity that it takes to make such change successful.

His first job as a psychiatric technician in various hospitals while in graduate school and the seven years of counseling experience in the North Carolina Mental Health systems paved the way for the beginning of private practice.

Successful from the beginning, his practice has been in business for over twenty-five plus years. He is a licensed clinical addictions specialist, a substance abuse counselor, and a remotivation therapist. He currently works with various populations, including court-ordered clients, those with substance abuse, addiction, and other compulsive disorders. In addition, he performs assessments and evaluations for the State of North Carolina for those individuals with substance abuse cases. He serves as an employee assistance program consultant for numerous companies in the area.

Michael Morris is well known in the therapeutic community in Eastern North Carolina. While his practice is in Greenville, he serves Pitt and the majority of the surrounding counties. He is now available nationwide via teleconferencing. He is fully licensed and credentialed in all 50 states. He is one of the few therapists who make house calls. He makes on-site emergency visits, performs interventions, and allows clients in need to call him after hours if they are in crisis. His commitment to his work and the quality of his work is well known and unyielding.

What is not well known is that his commitment grew out of a promise he made to his family over the death of one of his cousins who was killed during a drug-related incident. Once given the opportunity, he committed himself to that promise. He believes, “God has me right where he wants me to be, and I am going to continue doing this kind of work until I hear otherwise.” He loves his work and believes that helping others, healing, and saving lives, is one of the highest callings one can have. There are many in this community who are indebted to him, and we, the undersigned, have either been clients, colleagues, or both. Whether the client or colleague, all have benefited from and admired his work.

Beverly Stork, Randy Carter, Susan Parsons, Marty Sadler, Charles Ausherman