The Lifestyle Foundational 40 Program : "Your Life Your Way!" By Michael G. Morris

What is the Lifestyle Foundational 40 Program?

The Lifestyle Foundational 40 Program is a step by step self help guide that leads to increased self awareness, improved decision-making and overall enhancement of your quality of life. Only $9.95. Order now to receive this life changing guide. After ordering, you will be given a link to download the Lifestyle Foundational 40 Program. 

Sample first page of program.

"Welcome to the growing number of people who have realized that if we are going to have the quality of life we have always wanted, dreamt of, or hoped for, we, as individuals, must be more involved in bringing that about. The reality is that no one else can do it for us. In today's social environment there seems to be less resources condusive to the fulfillment of people's hopes and dreams. The Lifestyle Foundational 40 Program is a tool designed to change all of that! It gives us guidelines to create a high quality of life - a life much more in line with our own best interests. Who better to decide that than each of us individually?

That is as it should be. We as individuals must take responsibility for our own decisions and the quality of our own lives. The concept is similar to the experience of giving and receiving gifts. When we receive a gift, we place a value on that gift based on the quality of thought, emotions, effort and overall resources invested by the person giving the gift. The more the giver has invested the more valuable the gift is going to be. The same is true for each one of us. The more thought, emotions, effort and personal resources we put into improving ourselves...

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