Therapy for Depression, Anxiety & Other Mood Disorders

Mood disorders generally fall into three categories:
  1. 1. Mood disorders that are not due to a physiological or general medical condition or do not occur with gross delusions or hallucinations.
  2. 2. Mood disorders that are substance induced.
  3. 3. Mood disorders associated with severe specifiers such as catatonia or psychosis.

  4. Here at Side By Side Counseling we have dealt mostly with substance induced mood disorders and mood disorders that are made worse by the use of substances. Most people who have a substance abuse disorder, whether they know it or not, have a coexisting disorder like depression or anxiety. If a client is aware of a coexisting disorder, we work very closely with their medical doctor to coordinate treatment and to mitigate or remove as many symptoms as possible. If a client is not aware of a coexisting disorder and a coexisting disorder is diagnosed, we will work closely with the client to choose a good medical doctor who will coordinate treatment on a regular basis. The main goal here is to serve the client’s multiple needs and reach the best therapeutic result possible. The use of cognitive emotional behavioral therapy here at Side By Side has been very effective by itself and even more so when working with a medical doctor because the client receives more thorough and consistent treatment. The time period of that treatment is going to vary from client to client. Typically people with substance abuse/addiction disorders along with a coexisting disorder will be in treatment for several months to a year or more. Some of the benefits of cognitive emotional behavioral therapy include improved self esteem and overall quality of life, better communication skills, enhanced stress or anger management, and other lifestyle coping skills. This is done by helping clients identify and uncover unconscious determinants of behavior, explore and uncover cognitive distortions and learn to be more conscious and to use more rational thinking. Desensitization skills can be used to deal with irrational fears. Fundamentally clients learn to do things differently and more appropriate to their needs by making healthier choices instead of reacting. The amount of techniques and skills that can be learned from a good counselor/therapist who is proficient at cognitive behavioral emotional therapy is tremendous.

    I have been using these skills for over 27 years, and I have felt privileged to be a part of helping people change their lives for the better. We offer very professional and highly confidential services in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Should you suffer from any kind of anxiety, depression or mood disorder, whether it is substance abuse related or not, please feel free to give us a call and set up a free consult to determine whether treatment here at Side By Side is something you would like to investigate further. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in whatever capacity you might need. Professional help can make sure that you do not waste months or years in misery, have a severely diminished capacity to enjoy life or remain stuck in an extremely poor quality of life. We will work with you to help you reach the quality of life you deserve. We will provide that treatment ourselves and/or coordinate that treatment with other health professionals, social workers or other professionals to ensure that you don’t just endure life, but that you enjoy it.

    Michael G. Morris CDWIE, CRT, LCAS